Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is something that seems to be invaluable for many babies. The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy, based in Clerkenwell, is a charity set up to offer cranial treatments to all kids on a donations basis. They now have a satellite clinic operating out of St John’s Hill Therapy Centre on a Friday (booking essential). This is what they say about treatment.

“Paediatric osteopathy, a term coined by the Foundation, uses gentle manual techniques to bring about profound changes within a child or young person’s body, using non-invasive but highly effective rebalancing procedures. These allow the different body systems – the nervous, immune, muscular and circulatory systems – to work effectively.

The Foundation uses osteopathy to help children in many practical and life-improving ways, such as reducing the need for medication, assisting speedier recovery from illness and the effects of operations and providing fortification to the body during drug therapy. Babies and children have an innate drive towards normal function, and often need only the slightest easing of tension to release the mechanical stress suffered and improve function.”

Many of the parents I have worked with have found Cranial Osteopathy to be incredibly effective – babies can be affected by an awkward birth, instrumental delivery, caesarean, very protracted or even very swift labour. Reflux, colic, flat-head syndrome, constipation, fretfulness – these can all be remedied by a treatment. One of my clients even told me of a one-year old who was cured of severe epileptic fits by a treatment – awesome! For more info go to the website, or call 020 7490 1114

I keep a list of practitioners that clients have recommended, so if you would like contact details then get in touch for further details