Baby Massage

Group Courses

I run private group courses in SW London and/or on Zoom for a minimum of 4 Mums and babies. Each course runs for 5 weeks with sessions lasting approximately one hour. The cost per person is £75.

Classes are suitable for babies once they have had their six week check up to pre-crawling.

Participants learn a developmental routine plus some specific strokes and techniques to help with congestion, colic, wind and constipation. Demonstration is given to adapt the massage as the baby grows. Massage wax is provided. Please bring a large, cotton bath towel and any necessary changing equipment for your baby. Parents should wear loose, comfortable clothing.


I will happily show you some baby massage techniques to help relieve a baby’s discomfort from colic, reflux, wind and constipation as part of my post-natal support.


Baby Massage is hugely enjoyable for babies and their parents, whilst also having amazing benefits.
Here are a few:

For Babies

  • Improves immune system
  • Helps baby learn to relax
  • Promotes sounder and longer sleep
  • Develops flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Helps postural development
  • Promotes bonding and communication
  • Helps to regulate digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Helps relieve discomfort from wind, colic, congestion and constipation
  • Decreases production of stress hormones

For Parents

  • Provides a special focused time that helps deepen bonding
  • Helps parents to understand and respond appropriately to baby’s nonverbal cues
  • Promotes feelings of competence and confidence in caring for baby
  • Improves parent-infant communication
  • Increases parents’ ability to help child relax in times of stress
  • Eases stress of parent who must be separated from child during the day

Other Benefits

  • Cross-cultural studies show that babies who are held, massaged, carried, rocked and breast-fed grow into adults that are less aggressive and violent, and are more compassionate and co-operative
  • Recent research shows benefits for premature infants, children with asthma, diabetes, and certain skin disorders
  • Mothers with post-natal depression have shown improvement after starting baby massage
  • Teenage mothers have shown improved bonding behaviour and interaction with their babies.
  • The group environment of baby massage classes gives parents a support network

Here’s what some of my baby massage participants have had to say

Felix and I both really enjoyed Sophie’s baby massage classes.  She has a gentle and professional manner that is relaxing and inspires confidence.  She is careful to explain the anatomical/physiological background to the various strokes as well as their benefits (some of the moves designed to aid digestion and ease constipation for example were a godsend to learn!)  Baby massage was invaluable in helping me establish an evening routine.  It gave me something around which I could structure bathtime and bedtime and the strokes helped us both to wind down.  The time you spend massaging your baby during the classes and then at home is such wonderful quality time.”
— Alice B, mother of Felix

I found baby massage a great way to bond with my newborn.  It is a relaxing experience for both mum and baby and I found it particularly useful for calming down both a colicky baby and a busy toddler at the end of the day. Sophie is a wonderful teacher who makes the whole class feel completely at ease and relaxed.  She was great at explaining what we were doing and the benefits for baby.”
— Lucy, mother of Max

Ellie and I very much enjoyed our one-to-one baby massage lesson with Sophie. I had some lessons with my son when he was a baby but felt badly in need of a “refresher” when my new baby arrived. Sophie calmly and patiently demonstrated each move on her baby before Ellie and I had a go. Each part of the body was treated in turn, with Sophie explaining clearly what she was doing, and why. Every opportunity for kisses and cuddles with the babies was taken, provoking giggles from both of us. It was a relaxing and rewarding experience and by the end of the lesson Ellie was smiling broadly and then went on to eat her largest meal so far and sleep through the night – bliss!”
— Jo, mother of Ellie

The Baby Massage course was great.  I didn’t really know what to expect but enjoyed it very much.  It took Jemima time but now she loves her massage.  I knew little about baby massage so was curious and I wanted to do something fun with my baby and find something we both enjoyed doing.  I try to do the routine every day.  I do it at 10am after her morning sleep, before her 11am feed.  She adores it and I love having something to do with her.  To be honest I don’t really have any changes to make (to the course), I really enjoyed it, although I wish it could have lasted longer!”
— Victoria, mother of Jemima

The baby massage course exceeded my expectations!! It was really good, nice and intimate and it felt like you had time to listen to all of our concerns as well as teach 🙂 Thank you for that.  I had heard that baby massage could be very calming for the baby and that it could be a good addition to your daily routines. I also thought it was something Daddy could do with his daughter so that he wouldn’t feel left out (as I would be breastfeeding for most of the time and having my special moments with our daughter).  Keep on doing what you are doing because you are great!!!”
— Jonna, mother of Erin

From birth Austin (and I believe lots of babies) didn’t like having his body touched.  Changing him and wash time was an absolute nightmare because he would scream blue murder.  I’m sure that this is a defensive mechanism but it’s probably also a personality thing (he still hates baths – so I don’t bother with them).   He often had problems with wind and tummy gripe, particularly in the evenings and had started to become constipated (which was adding to the tummy gripe). After the first session of baby massage, I noticed that he was calmer (in general) and more comfortable when changing his nappies.  Breast fed babies often develop constipation after 6 weeks.  I understand that this is because breast milk matures at this stage so babies absorb more milk, which can lead to constipation.  Sophie taught us reflexology that completely sorted his constipation.  So, I started to massage him twice a day; in the morning focusing on reflexology and tummy massage and at bed time to stretch muscles and relax.  It’s completely transformed Austin.  He’s calmer, happier and more relaxed.  Washing and changing him is no longer traumatic and he actually seems excited to have his massage (so would I).  He kicks and laughs when I’m changing him and even seems to like his wash (baths as I’ve mentioned are still a no no, but also not necessary so I don’t feel bad).  I also think it’s helped Austin engage with other babies, adults and Sophie our instructor.  In the sessions he only has eyes for Sophie and I’m sure would recognise her voice across a room (I’ll test that theory one day).  Even my mother in law was amazed at how transformed Austin is. I’m a complete believer that baby massage works.  Of course it’s all thanks to Sophie our instructor, her training and experience in teaching baby massage.”
— Zana, mother of Austin