Breastfeeding and Antenatal Colostrum Expressing – a video blog from Nurturing Birth Directory

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Sophie talks about breastfeeding support and the benefits of expressing colostrum antenatally in this video blog first posted on the Nurturing Birth Directory.

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What makes good feeding support?

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Yesterday was my final volunteering shift of the year on the postnatal ward at my local hospital.   Each time I go in I spend a few hours visiting with new mums and their babies and it gives me the most amazing opportunity to support women feeding their newborns.   Every time I come away having learnt something new, having met more extraordinary women overcome challenges and find confidence in their new role as a Mum.  I meet such a huge variety of women – from the really young to the more mature; the first-timer to the Grand Multip with five or more children; the under-privileged to the extremely affluent.  And, at the point when I meet them they are totally united by this experience of having given birth.  Almost without exception they are instantly catapulted into that maternal need to know that their baby is feeding, is getting what he/she needs and is thriving.  The vast majority of women I meet have a desire to breastfeed – they know that their milk is what the baby is expecting to receive, know the benefits for both the baby and themselves, and have possibly even done some classes about feeding.  So, why are there problems?  And how are we letting women down in this country?

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