Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding is a very emotive subject for a lot of people. Most pregnant women and people know about the benefits of breastfeeding and are determined to try, but often face adversity and problems they didn’t anticipate, and don’t have access to adequate support and help.

I spend time with the new parent on a one-on-one basis, sitting quietly and listening to the history, asking relevant questions and then offering what support I can. I can observe a full feed and make suggestions to change position and attachment at the breast, which is the cause of 80% of breastfeeding problems.

I have supported women with thrush, mastitis, engorgement, reduced milk supply, twins, women who are mixed feeding, expressing or bottle feeding. Often women just need a friendly ear, someone to be non-judgemental about the choices they have or are about to make.

My feeding support package consists of:

  • A first visit lasting up to two hours where we will discuss the history and observe a full feed, making suggested changes, as necessary.
  • One follow-up visit or Zoom/Skype call to ensure that all is going well
  • Ongoing phone contact
  • Signposting of evidence-based information around feeding and choices

Please contact me for more information.

Just wanted to let you know that if it wasn’t for your help when you visited me and Sid in December then I would not have managed to breastfeed Sid for the 12 months I did.  You spotting a possible anterior tongue tie led to him having the snip within a week at Kings and breastfeeding became a wonderful experience and the thrush went within a week.”
— C Bradley