Postnatal Support

During the first weeks after birth I offer postnatal support helping you to feel calm, confident and empowered in your choices.  From doula and feeding support to baby massage.

Postnatal Doula

From immediately after birth and during the first few weeks I can come in and support your family. My ultimate aim is to boost the confidence of the new parent so that by the time my final session comes around I am no longer needed – the new parents are ready and able to face the world, feeling calm and confident.
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Breastfeeding is a very emotive subject for a lot of women. Most women know about the benefits of breastfeeding and are determined to try, but often face adversity and problems they didn’t anticipate, and don’t have access to adequate support and help. I spend time with women on a one-on-one basis, sitting quietly and listening to the history, asking relevant questions and then offering what support I can.
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Baby Massage

Baby Massage is hugely enjoyable for babies and their parents, whilst also having amazing benefits. I run both one-on-one sessions and private baby massage group courses in South West London or online.
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