Chiropractic Treatments for Mums before, during and after pregnancy

I have been seeing Mary Lou Watson, a Chiropractor in Battersea, for several years – she helped me through two pregnancies and even managed to completely rid me of very uncomfortable pelvic girdle pain (also known as symphysis pubis dysfunction) in my second. This is what she has to say,

Many new or even 2nd time around Mums ignore their own aches and pains and concentrate solely on their babies often at the expense of their own welfare. Life with a new baby is very demanding what with feeding, bathing, lifting and bending awkwardly to protect the baby. Being correctly aligned during and after pregnancy is the ideal.

During pregnancy the body produces the hormone relaxin, which makes the ligaments relax in order for the structure of the body to change in order to accommodate the new baby as it grows. This can play havoc with the body in general and it is very important after the birth, if you haven’t been checked during pregnancy, to have a chiropractor guide your body back into its proper position.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a check up and to be sure that after the tremendous upheaval of pregnancy and childbirth that your body is guided by a chiropractor’s treatment to re-establish the natural position of the muscles, joints and in particular the pelvis. The more correctly aligned you are, the better able to cope with all the new demands that baby and children bring! Chiropractic can’t give you 8 hours uninterrupted sleep but having a well-aligned body will help you function better in general.

Mary Lou Watson is an experienced GCC registered Chiropractor and uses several non-invasive techniques such as Activator chiropractic and McTimoney chiropractic, which are gentle forms of chiropractic and her treatment takes into account the whole body. [She co-authored the first book ever written by women for women on Pregnancy in the eighties.]

Mary Lou will also look at your posture and advise on how to improve it and how to exercise effectively. When you book 3 treatments Mary Lou will do a free spinal check and treatment on the baby as mothers and babies are linked in more ways than one.

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Contact Mary Lou Watson on 07737 414 335 or 0207 2288370