Preaching to the Converted – reaching out

I have recently been hugely inspired by conferences attended by doulas, midwives, obstetricians and other birth workers.  The passion and positivity that comes from these events is so rewarding, but also it brings new challenges.  In so many workshops/study days/seminars I attend the speakers are preaching to the converted – we know just how important where, with whom and how a woman gives birth is.  So, I have been thinking about how to extend this – how to get those all-important messages out to the people who matter – the women giving birth, and the people supporting them.

Many people will have heard of the Red Tent Movement – women coming together to share all things female – pregnancy, birth, menstruation …  I would like to start something in the spirit of the Red Tent, but not exclusive to women – it is important that the men are on board too!!!  I propose to organise bimonthly get togethers at my home in Wandsworth for anyone who is interested to talk/share/listen and discuss subjects around birth.  At each of these get-togethers I will most likely screen a relevant film, and the first I propose is Birth Stories, the new film made by Ina May Gaskin.   Ina May is a revolutionary midwife, author and activist whose birthing centre, The Farm, in Tennessee has been so instrumental in reminding us what is important in the supporting of women during birth.  For more information about her visit

So, if you would like to come along to one of these get-togethers (and I will come up with a better name for them!) then please let me know via the contact form on my website.  I look forward to hosting the first of what I hope will be many interesting and stimulating evenings.