Cradle Cap

The subject of cradle cap has come up several times in recent weeks – possibly because of the weather and our skin tending to be drier in the winter.  Cradle cap is a fungal skin condition which is very common in babies.  Most people are advised to use an anti-fungal shampoo, but my personal experience, and reports from others, has proved that this is not the best way forward – in my experience it dries the skin out too much which can often cause the baby to scratch and then get reinfected and very sore.  Tui Bee Balme (which I give all my baby massage clients) is excellent for all dry skin conditions, even on the face, as it is entirely pure and organic, but I have found the best thing for cradle cap is calendula oil. Calendula has natural anti-fungal properties and because it is infused in a base oil it doesn’t dry the scalp out.  Massage some into your baby’s head, leave for at least ten minutes, then brush vigorously using a circular motion with a soft bristled brush.  The scurf should just lift off.  It may take a few days of repeat treatments, but I found it to be the most effective.

To buy calendula oil ask at your local health store, or order from any reputable aromatherapy oil suppliers.